Prime Rate (Rates effective 2012-05-08) Rates
NLCU Prime Rate 4.00%
Foreign Exchange (Rates effective 2018-04-19) Buying Selling
United States (Dollar) 1.3011 1.2199
Mortgages (Rates effective 2018-03-05) Rates
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5 yr Closed Term Residential- Promo rate 3.49%
5 yr Closed Term Residential - Variable Rate 5.10%
Loans and Lines of Credit (Rates effective 2017-03-06) Rates
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RRSP Loans 4.00%
RRSP Line of Credit 2.850%
Investments (Rates effective 2018-04-13) Rates
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110 day term deposit- Promo rate 2.1%
32 Month Term- Promo rate 2.35%
One Year Redeemable 0.85%

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