Loans and Credit

Most of us need a little help at sometime in our lifetime.  Your local Northern Lights Credit Union can provide loans, lines of credit, credit card products and mortgages that are competitively priced that will meet your needs.

With our professional lenders, you will always feel confident that your finincial needs are in good hands.


Buying a home is an exciting time in everyone's life.  But you want someone with local experience guiding you along.  With our professional assistance, you'll be picking out paint colours in no time.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are available for a wide variety of purposes.  If you are thinking about a new vehicle, boat, ATV, snowmobile, loan consolidation or all of the above, we have the flexible products that will meet your needs.

Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit are excellent tools for members that may frequently require access to excess funds.  A line of credit will allow you to withdrawal any amount you wish at any time, up to your maximum for the ultimate in convenience. 

RRSP Loans

Just because you are a little short on funds, does not mean you should miss out on the many benefits of a Registered Retirement Savings Plan.  RRSP loans are offered at special rates so you can take advantage of an RRSP now and pay the loan back over a period of time.


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