A Nexus Community Credit Union MEMBER CARD debit card is an excellent alternative to carrying cash as it gives you secure access to your funds worldwide.  Our MEMBER CARD debit card allows you to make point of sale purchases and use ATMs anywhere in the world.

Due to the amount of fraud with all bank and Credit Union debit cards, Nexus Community Credit Union has set limits on your MEMBER CARD debit card to protect against major losses.  You may withdraw $500 in cash from ATMs daily and make point of sale purchases up to $2,500.  If you need your daily limit increased, please contact your local branch and we may be able to accommodate your request on a limited time basis.

Protect Your PIN

Your 4 digit PIN is the key to your MEMBER CARD debit card and it should not be shared with anyone.  When you use your MEMBER CARD debit card, Northern Lights Credit Union strongly recommends that you shield entering your PIN with your other hand.

Buyer Protection and Extended Warranty

When you use your MEMBER CARD debit card on an account that is covered by Buyer Protection and Extended Warranty for a purchase, your purchase will automatically be protected if it is stolen, broken or consumed in a fire.  This coverage also doubles the manufacturer's warranty to protect you further.  Talk about ultimate peace of mind!  If you need to make a claim obtain your receipt, manufacturer's warranty (if applicable) and call your local branch.


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