Accounts Built for Every Need

Whether you only use your account a little or swipe that MEMBER CARD® debit card until it starts to smoke, we have an account for your needs. 

Chequing Accounts

Premium Chequing Account

The Premium Account is our Rolls-Royce of chequing accounts.  With unlimited basic transactions each month you can write those cheques until your pen runs out of ink and it will still only cost you $16.00 per month.  You also receive free monthly e-statements, free personal cheques and commission free travellers cheques (single signature).  Toss in discounts on safe deposit boxes and Buyer Protection & Extended Warranty and you have a chequing account to write home about!

MoneySaver Chequing Account

We get it - pushing the buttons on the ATM is pretty fun.  Now you can do it all you want with the MoneySaver Chequing Account.  Unlimited basic transactions for $10.50 a month!  Now that should save you some money.  I wonder why it is called the MoneySaver?

Buyer Protection & Extended Warranty are the cherry on top!

Basic Chequing Account 

There is nothing wrong with being basic!  The Basic Account gives you 15 basic transactions per month for only $5.50 per month.  If you maintain a minimum monthly balance of $1500.00, we will give it to you free!  Buyer Protection & Extended Warranty thrown in make it one great deal.

Personal 1 Chequing Account

Don't need many transactions each month?  Then the economical Personal 1 Account is likely for you.  At $3.50 per month, you can toss out the rice meal plan.  10 basic transactions are included each month.

Golden Account

Gold 55 Chequing Account

Members over the age of 55 are able to take advantage of this account.  Go ahead - you have earned it!  Walking to school up hill both ways was tough.  The Gold 55 Account gives you unlimited basic transactions with no monthly service fee.  Any secondary accounts on the membership (ex. savings) will be service charge free as well.  We'll even toss in single signature traveller cheques commission free, safe deposit box discounts and Buyer Protection & Extended Warranty.  Just like a fine wine, our accounts get better with age!

Students and Youth Chequing

HEADSTART® Chequing Account

You are sure to get a off to a good financial start with the HEADSTART Chequing Account.  With the HEADSTART Chequing Account you receive unlimited transactions each month and best of all; it doesn't cost you a red cent.  Save it for a new cassette tape or a groovy pair of bell bottoms.  You are sure to be to coolest kid around.

Unicoll Chequing Account

The Unicoll Account is designed just for students attending full time University or College.  Get it? Uni-Coll? Anyway, we know you are strapped for cash so let us take care of this bill and give mom and/or dad a break.  With the Unicoll Chequing Account you receive unlimited monthly transactions and it won't cost you a dime.  That should help out the book budget.  By the way, the secret with those is to open them and you are sure to be a star.

Savings Accounts

Regular Savings Account

Stash a little away for a rainy day with our everyday savings account.  Funds in the savings account are always available to you and can be accessed through your MEMBER CARD debit card.

Sky High Savings Account

Do you want to earn more interest?  Then the Sky High Savings Account may be for you!  Balances over $2,500.00 earn a bonus interest rate while funds are still at your fingertips.  The Sky High Savings Account allows for 1 free withdrawal per month.  The Sky High Savings Account is also available as a Tax Free Savings Account!

US Fund Savings

With the US Plan 24 Savings Account, you can stash away some savings in American currency and never have to worry about the balance of your US currency fluctuating with the daily exchange rate.  Your US Plan 24 funds are always available when you need them from any Nexus Community Credit Union teller service.


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